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All Reviews RC equipment, kits and bought planes new or second hand on my website are my own interpretations of what I thought of the items that I have bought for my hobby and some I was advised to buy. and how I got on with them, If anyone wants to buy any of these items you should make your own mind up before you buy, and not just use what I have said about them, I hope this just gives some help.

Any questions or ideas on any of the items I review are welcome to comments at the  bottom of each page of the item.



About The Site

I hope to show how much fun model flying can be and the different areas there are in our hobby you can get in to, with helpful links ,hints and tips. With some amazing planes and build techniques, and of course loads of photo's.

As time goes on I will be adding more new ideas to the website including friends and there planes and updates as they come with events through the yea as they happen.

I Would Like To Say A big Thank you

I would like to show my appreciation to some people I met through modelling, which I ccan call my friends, without them I would have not got as far in to the hobby as I have and enjoyed so much fun. There help may have come from advising me in flying techniques and being there at the show circuit with helping hands and invaluable tips and support.

John Greenfield

Dave Plummer

Don Coe

Eugene Anker

Dave Horton

Dave Pullinger

Ivan Goodchild

Randy Linderman

Steve Holland

Les Eagle

Colin Hamond

My Steps in to this Hobby

I started flying in 1999 at Harlow common once I got my A,B I moved on to North Weld flying club, and start with the help from my mate Dave Plummer got in to flying in the Model show flying circuit, for nearly 10 years until John Greenfield got me in to gliders and never looked back.

To see my early years click the button -