EF Extra Hotliner Review




I was flipping over the pages on hobbyking as you do when you’re on a lazy moment to pass the time and spotted a special offer  on these XF Extra hot liners for £105.00 reduced down from £140 with my discount, in red, yellow or green, I went for the green one all in just add receiver and battery.


The plane comes packed very well a very large box with air bags in and then the plane box its self, on opening the box found a very well packed box of planes parts including the fuz and wing and tail, and a choice of fitting a camera where the canopy goes if you want to in a little ply bay of bits.

I did notice how firm the fuz felt in my hand, it really feels solid not like many other foamy planes


Well there wasn’t much to do other then put the wing to the fuz with one screw and fix the tail on that clipped together, and fit the prop that was it.


Well other than fitting the receiver and battery there wasn’t much to do, what I would say is lengthen the aileron leads to make it easier not to pull them apart they are very tight to fit.

I had to buy a 5 channel receiver never before have I ever bought one, you will find there is not much room and it has to fit between the two servo’s for the rudder and elevator, very very tight I must say. Fitting the Spinner was straight forward and set the movements very low, because this plane goes like a bat out of hell with up to 150mph.

The battery I have used for this Plane is a Onbo 2200 65C 3 cell, I got my information on this from YouTube and they only used 2000 50c, but on their batteries they were only getting 3 to 4 minutes, with the Onbo Batteries I get up to 7 minutes.

Flight Test

The day was sunny with some cloud and 6 to 12 mph winds straight down the strip John at the transmitter and me to launch, and of it went Slight turn to the left but that was the torque of the motor and a few blips of trim to the ailerons.

The EF Extra flies on rails and don’t notice and winds at all, it’s a mazing little plane and very strong and I can’t believe that this plane can turn with such small foam controls at the speed it does wow!!, within seconds its up and in the clouds and the sound of the dives and fast runs are great.

Definitely put keepers on the aileron connections as on one flight I put the battery in moved it slightly and must have pulled one of the connections apart as on take of it hit the deck.

All is okay the wing broke of the fixing screws so I have now glued the wing to the fuz with Gorilla Foaming Glue now as brand new.


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