Multiplex Xeno Uni Wing


Multiplex  Xeno Uni Wing



I bought this multiplex flying wing at the Nationals bring & buy and was a great buy for £50 and that included the uprated motor and speed controller and was in perfect condition.

The flying wing can fold in half for transport if you require this was a clever idea from multiplex or was it. ?


I fitted a Futaba 617 7 channel receiver and like many of my other models a 1400 Onbo 3 cell 25c battery with bullet connections

The speed controller is fitted under the motor in the re bay, and the Onbo battery is fitted in the front both held in by Velcro, and the receiver is also in the front bay of the cockpit stuck with Velcro, you don’t have mush area to fit the two aerials at different angles but it is possible and I have found no problems.

Test Flight

I did the test flight on the Xno Uni the day was a little windy about 10-15 mph and very cloudy as normal, Batteries all powered up and ready to go.

I always Hate launching flying wings because I’m right handed and its always a quick dash back to the tranny to take control, but all launched ok and nothing to adjust on the trims what a wonderful  plane, more stable than the old Zagis we all used to fly and very fast.

Don’t put her in to a vertical dive full power because it becomes a bit of a dog when you pull her out as the wing tends to flex a little and does funny things to the flying ability but that’s only because of the extra power you now have with the uprated motor.

Now getting back to the folding idea of the flying wing, I have had loads of flights with this Xna uni and a few weeks ago the wing folded and came apart, because all that holds the two wings together is the top canopy, and if you don’t make sure its fitted all the way it comes apart. Oooops !!!.

So what I have done now is glued it together with Gorilla Foaming Glue and now no more worries, another great plane to my collection.

PS I lked it so much I have bought a new one for the future when the other one wears out,

They had stopped making them but under such a demand they have made more and always by the uprated motor its wort it.

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