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 Me and my flying friends which included John Greenfield of the Ghost Squadron have tried lot of Lipo batteries from many companies, but found that most of these batteries we have found out afterwards that most are grade C quality cells, and when it comes to replacing the batteries after a couple of charges it has taken me 3 months of many  e-mails one after the other In my own opinion this is why they can be cheaper then some, so I looked  and looked through the internet and found a company called ONBO POWER  I have had some very  interesting chats with the company, and what I liked about this company was they had time to talk and listen to your requirements and to see how they could supply the correct battery and connectors that you require, with no extra charge.

There prices were slightly more expensive than other companies that sell batteries that was C grade that would puff up after a few flights and in some cases before they were even used,  some companies even say there batteries will puff up, I couldn't believe this when I read this in the battery description.

Onbo batteries are a lot cheaper than the uk shops named batteries.  but what swung it for me was the extra power , like a 4000mah battery, ONBO  ones are 4200mah but lighter then the lower powered one and smaller this means longer flying time , this means the extra power will not be lost in weight being carried by the motor.

So you really do get extra power to use as performance or longer flying time. There C rating has a wide range frome 20C right upto 95C on certain batteries, They also have some very good Lif'e battery packs and is one of the biggest selling batteries that has been sold in the uk mainly used as RX packs,   2 off packs of 3800 25C 2 cell packs are only slightly heavier than 1 pack of 6V 5 cell Nihms, and not like Nihms they dont drop in voltage when under load. We found this out with our glider flying with telementry pluged in we would hear the voltage drop when servo's on the gliders would be used, so once changed over to Lif'e batteries there are no drops in voltage for most of the day on the same battery packs. Now a large amount of the glider ferternity a round the uk now use Onbo batteries and Powered user's are now using these batteries.

So please dont hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions

Stephen Spittle

[email protected]


Li-polymer Battery Features

1.Long cycle life.

2.High energy density, light weight, small size, high capacity and low self-discharge rate.

3.Safe and reliable.

4.No memory effect.

5.High current fast-charging.

6.Steady high and low temperature performance.

7.Green and environmental friendly



 contact me as I'm now the UK distributor

For all the help you need. I have found the best way is to buy in a group order this then cuts the p+p  and danger tax down by splitting the cost, when being shipped out of China via UPS delivery,and this keeps the price of the batteries down.

I have been dealing with Onbo now for 6 years and have be used as a uk distributer 

But if you would prefure to drop me a line of your requirements or you have  any questions and I can help , just click on the link below and drop me a line. I have spoken to many battery companies in China but none with as much friendly help and time given to get what you want. And the reliability are next to non we are still using batteries that are 5 to 6 years old

What I normally do is find the battery you are after and give you some idea of the next size and still be lighter and more powerful then your old battery you want to replace.