NLMFC Glider Event 2014

 The first Sunday in July every year hosts the NLMFC glider event, and this year was no different, the day started at 7am with John Greenfield and the team setting the field up for the event. I got there at 7.30am and there was very light rain in the air, but this did stop after a little while and gliders were being built up every where, and then it got even better with lee was set up for breakfast that gave a nice start to the day, and what a very nice breakfast it was and went down well with the pilots. I was hearing from pilots all day that they have never seen such a well organized layout ever and after looking on other glider forums the word is being passed around, nice one to John,lee and the rest that was involved you done the club and yourselves proud.

Mark just putting the finishing touches to his glider 

 Very nice selection of gliders have turned up for the day, the word is gettin a round and this event is getting bigger every year

I was witness to Ali flying the little blue and white Horizen plane pulling 1/4 and 1/5 scale gliders, was something to watch when the tug is standing still in the air trying to start the movement of the glider ,but it did get them in the air, That goes to show really how much fun you can have with gliders.

8.8mtr glider getting put together and Colin strauss Grunau baby artf from Ripmax

The que for waiting for a tug was constant all day until the food was ready, with a nice selection of food up for grabs,and cream teas mid afternoon. All the bbq food went and cream teas all sold out and over 150 cups of tea were sold. 

It was nice to see the carpark total full, and most belong to pilots,it looks like the word off gliding has got a round with also a big thanks to lee and John for the advertising the advent. It was also nice to see Ali senior at the event flying gliders, and to hear him say that he had not had this much fun in ages . 


      This has been the best glider event we have had at baldock, and with the good weather and food it does not get any better,And I would like to say a big thanks to John, Lee and everyone that was involved and behind the scenes, and bring on 2015.

And not forgetting our grounds man getting the field looking this good, nice one Stewart.