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Onbo LiFe Batteries


There are a large amount of RC flyers that have been converted to these LiFe batteries, it all started over 6 years ago now when me and John both were flying gliders at Devon for a week, we were flying on nimh 5 cell 3300 battery packs, and we have flown in powered planes at shows for years, but we both change our attention to larger scale gliders with a vario fitted to help us with thermal’s and hight and keep in touch with the battery power, this is when it all started, and started to worries us with fully charged Ninhs we were getting feedback from the vario that the batteries were acting very unusual, the voltage readings were all over the place they would start off fully charged at 6v but fluctuate up and down when flight controls were being use, we first thought old batteries they were not and even tried fresh Nimh’s same results, the problem we found was that the Nimh’s did not like given out surges of power for the control surfaces.

So on our return we started to look at Life batteries we tried some from Hobbyking including Lipos at the same time and were also finding a problem that there batteries would puff up even unused one’s I did talk to Hobbyking and I have a written copy of the discussion form Hobbyking stating that there batteries will puff up.

So with that I found a company In China Called Onbo Batteries Ltd and for over six years now we have used nothing else and still have the original batteries working from when we first bought them, the voltage stays at 6v all day without a worry and no drops in voltage during the flights so the Vario stays quiet and just now gives us the thermal information all day .