Fairchild PT19

 Mike Smart 1/4 Scale
Fairchild PT 19

The PT19 I had bought secondhand, this plane is a Mike Smart plan which is still avalible with fibre glass cowl and canopy,the plane can be built with or without flaps, but really you dont require them.
This plane comes in so slow you will have loads of time to think and enjoy the landings, and is capable to fly in all types of windy weathers which this one has done at many shows untill the shows were cancelled because of the strength of the winds were beyond the flying regs.
The power plant is a Zenoha 38 and a Menza 19/10 prop with two 6volt 2200mA battery packs, one is up the front and the second is halfway between the main wing and the tail for the c/g to be correct, and now because of the LMA rules is now fitted with Futaba 2.4 radio system.
The pilots I fitted, and they came from pete's pilots which were some of the last ones he made that came with leather flying jackets.

The PT19 is one of those planes that has a big apperance in the sky not just on the floor the wingspan is 108 inch, and weighs juct under 10kgs.
The next group of pictures are from show over the last 6 years and this plan is the most photographed plane that I have flown at the shows and published , I think the main reason for this is the colours because they come out brighter then most other plane colours.

             This last few are of the time we got two PT19s up at the same time at the last Hastings model show, mine is the lower one and Dave Johnson is flying the higher one.