NLMFC Large Model Day 2014

 This is the last event of the year for our club at NLMFC in 2014, and the start did not look good as it was said it would rain all day Saturday the day before the event, that we needed to set up some of the equipment that was required for the days event , we planed to meet over the site at 4pm this was the time the rain was going to stop.
When I got over there I was shocked to see a little village set up of caravans stretching along the back of the field, once again modellers came from all over the country, and is nice to know that people are willing to come the distances they come from to fly at our event, it was nice to talk to old friends that I dont see a lot now because of the direction I have taken in modelling.
Sunday morning has now arrived and the day was going to be a good one, so a few of us gave Lee the chef of the day get the rest of the hospitality area ready, then it was ready to start get planes put together and while I was doing this modellers were driving in one after another while this was going on the smell of the food being cooked was roaming over the field,at 8.30 breakfast was ready and enjoyed by the whole field and all the pilots that have come for the day.
Food will be cooked through the day, with all kinds of burgers and hotdogs and cream teas in the afternoon, Lee and his team did the club proud.

Breakfast finished and people that have come to see these great models that have turned up today are getting comfortable for a good day.

Now for some of the models that have come to fly today, this 1/2 scale Tiger Moth of John Greenfield one of the team of The Ghost Squadron that has been going for many years and have flown all around the world. And of course my 1/3 scale 4.6mtr Grunau Baby 2  that I have just refurbished and there is a page dedicated on the refurbishment, and not to forget another two of the Ghost Squadron Tony and Little Al with the red baseball caps.

The field is now filling up with some very nice model and some of the best pilots a round the country. The B17 belongs to my old mate Dave Plummer whom I have known since I started modelling and was one of a group of people that I was going a round the country flying in model show events.

20141005_141725 (FILEminimizer)
20141005_141739 (FILEminimizer)

Sukhio SU31 complete flight below

These two belong to Ali Machinchy that put on a good show, the 262 was originally built By John Greenfield as one of the Ghost Squadron aircraft. This Decathlon is part of the Horizon team planes that Ali will be bring to Middle wallop next weekend for a glider meet.

20141005_141842 (FILEminimizer)

This is another very nice jet that put on a very good show . Another one of our club members with a Boomerang jet.

This group of warbirds are from the TDJ Models warbird display team
The thunderbolt belongs to Gregg Veasey.
And have been putting on there warbird group flying show a round the country on the left

Some more warbirds about to fly the thunderbolt belongs to the Horizon model team on the right

Now some gliders that came today this one belongs to Colin.

20141005_142147 (FILEminimizer)

This is Dave Horton's Waco that attends most NLMFC events.

20141005_150421 (FILEminimizer)
20141005_150637 (FILEminimizer)

Some very nice jets

Now back to prop planes

20141005_152027 (FILEminimizer)

Ready for another flight

20141005_152241 (FILEminimizer)
20141005_163940 (FILEminimizer)

This is at 4.30pm  and still plenty flying.

Well thats it for another year a great day loads of flying and a large selection of different planes,and some very nice food, cant wait till next year.
Below is a 28 minute film of the day at the NLMFC

Just would like to say a big thanks to all involved fron the NLMFC to make this day great.
Also like to say thanks to the people that attend these events that don't fly but film these events and put them on the internet, these people are a big part of the events because they make these events a memory for everyone to see over and over again.
 Thanks to
 Chris Larkins
Essential RC