Binham 2011 Ghost Squadron Flying Summer Week

Well its come round again another flying week at Binham hosted by the Ghost Squadron , it was nice to see the same faces as last year and some new one's and also nice to see Andrew who 's flying field it is and is also part of the Ghost Squadron.

The weather was not bad, there was a little rain in the mornings for a couple of days but there was still a lot of flying done each day by all.

It was good to see a nice selection of models some power and a large selection of gliders from vintage to some of the best glass ships around, this meeting always brings out some unusual scale models.

And this year was no different with a scale crop spray built by Andrew, who has a nack of building them rare planes, and it was a very nice plane and with some great details.

There was some very good thermals through out the week which was a joy to find, it was like a gold rush in the air once one person

found some lift there was a mad dash for all to get to.
 John once again held the best time for staying up with one of Big Dave's scale vintage gliders, and also showed what a 1/2 scale Tiger Moth could do in the air with some graceful flying.

There were plenty of tugs to pull up the gliders thanks to John,Pat,Tony and others and a big thanks goes out to them for spending the time to keep taking us all up for the whole week. 

 As all years a group fish'n'chips night on the flying field with some evening flying afterwards was a chance for everyone to get together  and to swap some good stories and funny moments of the week. The glider on the top right is Tony's Harbinger and it looks even better in the air. Now for some photo's from the week.


The Ghost Squadron are always at hand to give help, and a big thanks to the gang.

These tugs were kept very busy all week.

 He is Andrew with another unusual plane with Big Dave looking on.

As you can see a very good turnout for this once a year holiday with as much flying as you can get in to each day.


Andrew who owns the site works hard to keep the flying site and camping area a pleasure to stay and fly at


Here is John flying he's Tigermoth with Tony keeping a eye on any full size that might come close to the area, and this is a good chance to show this great site.

This is Andrews ready to fly this very nice crop duster, with Stewart pushing the plane out


I would like to say a very big thanks to John and the Ghost Squadron

Who include

John Greenfield

Alan Carter

Ivan Goodchild

Pat Marsden

Tony Hazelhurst

for whom without these chaps giving up there time and experience to help others

this week would have not been possible.

And a big thanks to Andrew who invites us down each year to this great site.