Galaxy Mustang

Mustang P51D

                   By Galaxy models 

 The Galaxy Mustang has been one of my favourite plane to fly for 10 years,  Iam now on my 3rd one of these the first being one that I bought already built and covered in solartex with a OS120 four stroke and weighed 7kgs.

The second I built and fitted flaps but found the engine from the first one was not enough power so  changed to a SC108 as this one was glassed so the weight went up to 8kgs but being between the 7-8 kgs weights it was hard to get the correct engine for it.

The 3rd again was glassed with fitted flaps  and still fitted with the SC108 but after talking to John Greenfield I was given some good information about fitting a 26 zenoha petrol engine and a 18x10 prop which wieghs in at 8.5kgs, this transformed the Mustang in to a great plane to fly again and fits in the cowl.

The paint job is from a full size Mustang now in France Called the "Damn Yankee" Fitted with air up and spring down retracts The decals where supplied by Pyramid Models.


 A few photos of the real Damn Yankee