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The ICS USB Adaptor is a piece of equipment that is really worth getting if you are going to buy any type of Evo mini-z chassis, and more then not a necessity because a lot of people are finding that once you buy a Kyosho Evo of any edition it comes with problems . This is not to all have these problems but if you go on to the Facebook forums a lot of you are having problems with the new chassis when you just turn it on.

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Some times it could be that you once turned on the steering turns and locks left or right and you can not center it, others are finding that there is no reverse, this is the latest one  have seen mentioned on the forums.

What is the overall thought is that Kyosho have not done a very good job in handling the help that they have gave to proceed with setting up the ICS system and there explaining is not for everyone to understand, If Kyosho is going to sell another companies product I think they should make sure that even the non computer literate can understand the setup.

In the (Ko Propo) paperwork it states in the ATTENTION part  (When it connects through the USB it may not operate normally, and in order to have DRIVERS ,VARIOUS MANUALS,ECT,DOWNLOADS, INTERNERT CONNECTIVITY ENVIRONMENT IS REQUIRED.) but what is meant by this is you require a good knowledge of setting up comms ports and the correct manner on the systematic way of doing such operations on a computer. Many people out there have like me spent days trying to understand and to download drivers and what to do with them once downloaded as a zip file.

Now the Driver file is given on a Download page  http://www.kopropo.co.jp/sys/archives/2933 this link does go in to what computer system you are running as each system works differently, but what this page does not say is you need to down load the Driver file twice which I found out going through the forums, also it mentions ICS manger but they have not said you are required to download this file as well, I found that out by mistake going through Kyosho's own website, i did not find that out for 2 days from when I first started to try and set the ICS up.I am running Windows 10, so what I will try and show the easiest way of doing this for everyone to understand.




Go to the Kyosho website http://www.kyosho.com/eng/support/instructionmanual/mini-z/miniz_racer.html

Go to the bottom of the page for the MR-03 Manager software this is in a yellow background and click on the link , the file will be in a zip file, once you have downloaded this you can unzip it by extracting all the files , this is done at the top of the page you should see the word EXTRACT click on that  and that's all you do with this. But you should find the MINI-Z Evo shortcut on your front screen.

MR-03 maanger download page (2)


Now to load the DRIVERS go to the website https://www.kopropo.co.jp/products/view/61028

And load the KO DRIVERS 2015 under SOFTWARE in blue and download twice, for some reason you need to do this is sounds stupid but it works.



Now plug the ICS dongle in to one of your USB ports, you may hear a blip of a sound but nothing else happens, that's ok. Now go to the bottom of your front page and in the SEARCH BAR type DEVICE MANAGER and hit ENTER you will now see a list of all devices on your computer find the USB connector Manger click on the arrow and the ICS DONGLE should come up, RIGHT click on the ICS dongle and UP DATE DRIVERS will come up click on this, now if it comes back and say's there are no drivers , that ok .

Go back to the download page and EXTRACT the DRIVERS file 2015 then repeat the process in the DEVICE MANAGER.

device manager


Click on the MINI-Z Evo shortcut on your front screen this should bring the ICS MANGER screen up.

Now if in the speaker cloud it says drivers not found  go back and extract the second copy of the DRIVER file 2015 and then repeat the DEVICE MANGER and right click on the USB and update drives you will know when this is done as you will now see under the list below the USB ICS should show the word COMMS  # this number and be anything but remember the number of the coms Gate because the last thing you need to do is go to the small tv screen at the top of this picture and in the small caption .



Now go back to the DEVICE MANGER this time click on the PORTS and the ICS USB COMS number will come up on mine it shows COMS4, but this could be anything up to 244. now remember this for the final stage

coms 4


On the EVO MANGER page at the top of the page you will see a small computer click on the pull down in the screen you will see the options OFF and you should see your COM number click on this and then it will show in the top box , now you are fully connected.

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