Scale Planes


Fiarchild PT19

This 1/4 scale RAF PT19 from a Mike Smart plan fitted with a 38 zenoha, this one I did not make.

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Galaxy Mustang

This Galaxy Models is a 1/6 scale, This model is one of my favourite models. I'm now on my third one , this plane is easy to build once you get over the small drawing. 


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spitfire 4

DB MK1a Spitfire

This was my first 1/5 scale plane one of the DB kits, the power plant is a 45 quadra with a 20x8 menza prop. Retracts are air up and spring down. all up weight is 10Kg with a 160z fuel tank, and twin batteries.

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DB Hurricane .

This Hurricane is a 1/5 scale plane one of the Ghost Squadron x planes, the power plant ia a 45 quadra with scale retracts air up and down the all up weight is 10Kg

hurricane 4

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tiger moth 1

Flair Tiger Moth

This 1/4 scale Tigermoth ia a realy nice plane to fly, looks great in the air powered by a webra 120 with a home made exhaust all up weight is 9.5Kg a very good scale bi-plane. 

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D82 Tigermoth

This Tigermoth is a priemer kit at 1/5 scale, this was my first bi-plane kit I had ever built, said I would never build another to many wing struts, but was worth it. Bought this kit in a little shop in london covered in dust in the shop, at the time it was hard to find anyone with a kit. But I found one after a long look, now there are plenty to choose from.

d82 tigermoth 5

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3rd scale tigermoth

De Havilland Tigermoth

This 1/3 scale Tigermoth is a Toni Clark kit,fitted with a 38 Zenoah and a reduction kit, this is the larger of the two that Toni Clark does. This plane is based on the full size one which is known as the brightest Tigermoth ever made.

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The Thruster is a 1/4 scale Micro lite scratch built,and the construction is all brass and alloy tubing then filled with glass filling and weighs only 5lb. Wing span is 108 inchs fitted with a OS70 4 stroke engine, its 3 channel with a 6oz tank

Picture 258 changed-2

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RAF Chipmunk

This 1/4 scale RAF Chipmunk is from the Mike Smart plan engine fitted is a 38 zenoha, this has been colour schemed on the owned Chipmunk based at Duxford.

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