Ivan Goodchild

All of Ivan's powered aircraft are powered by Battery not petrol which has taken a lot of thought for the transition from the power conversion and the quality of flight is amazing.

Below are some of Ivan's planes, and there are more to come.

A10 Tank Buster



The Concord was completly re-designed as there are no full size drawings of concord to use for scaling down to enable for the build to take place.



This great lancaster was first owend by Dave Plummer when it was powered by four stroke engines, once Ivan got it from Dave a design overall took place with the wing being cut in half and the diahederal from the original design was removed and reduce quite a lot and with amazing affect.


Bosian Glider


Ivan didn't much like petrol or glow fuel planes, so he converted all his planes to battery power, and very succesfully including his Concord and A10 which were flown at shows around the counrty, Ivan was the very first person I saw at my first LMA model flying show and with pat his friend made things very comfortable, I Ivan was always a gentleman ,and always gave up time to help with electronic problems with planes or radio setup's.

Ivan with John greenfield started me of into flying gliders and were always around to help and advise me in the techniques of flying gliders.

Sadly Ivan died in 2016 doing what he enjoyed most and that was flying at the field, he will be greatly missed and was a very good friend.