Dynam Hurricane Review


Dynam hurricane


Each year a group of us go for a week’s flying to Cheddar and Binham and one of the things that happens each night is a multi-flight of Dynam Hurricane’s about 7 and a couple of other matching planes mine being a thunder bolt and a couple of Me 109’s, but it’s slowly turning to all Daynam Hurricane’s I have bought one now and had mine over a year now, I always hear how they fly so well out of most of the foamies, So I also gave in and got one.


In the box the is a fuz and two half wings retracts already fitted and all servo’s all fitted and motor and speed controller, once again not much to do.


The build was straight forward wing to fuz and a couple of screws, fix the prop on all controls were already connected thought the plane, you get a small Pcb to allow the light s to work but no one tends to use it, So I made my own up with resistors and they all work.

Had trouble with the retracts and a few people have specially on the second batch of these planes, you will find many YouTube vids on these retracts, but the one that helped me was the small micro switch’s had white grease on them and this was stopping them move properly, so good old hobbyking  replacement retracts for a £5 a pair, I bought them and instead of swapping the whole retract over I just changed the Pcb and motor, this meant less work by just slotting in the new ones and they have been great ever since.

Test Flight

The first test flight was at Cheddar last year by John and a slight rudder blip on the trim and all ok now there is 8 Hurricanes flying in our mass flight nights, this plane is great to fly and  think everyone was right in what they say about the Dynam Hurricane.

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