The Ghost Squadron Belle Vue 2013 Flying Holiday

Well it's come round again one of two 8 day flying holidays of the year,this means up again at 3am Wednesday morning for a 4&1/2 hour drive to Devon. But once you get there the drive is all worth it, and once again a great 8 days of sun and flying at this great place in Devon, but none of this would have happened if it wasn't for John and the Ghost squadron and also Don who owns the air strip that we camp and fly on.

About 25 caravans have turned up to enjoy some good flying As you can see this strip is a;so for full size aircraft, that fly in now and then.  As this picture shows we are quite high up properly the highest point in Devon and a great view showing on the right of the picture.

Gliders getting in line for the tugs  Big Dave in the white hat getting his K8a ready to go, and my Sagitta behind ready to go again  As these pictures show this large open space is great for gliding This is just a most wonderful place to have a weeks holiday, and look forward to it every year

Once again a very big  thanks to John and the Ghost Squadron and also a big thanks to Don That invites us every year.