ISDT SC-620 charger

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Cost a round £55.00

I bought my first ISDT  sc-620 smart charger in mid 2017 from my local model shop in Letchworth called redfin models, I was told these chargers was a very good seller, so I though I would get one and give it ago,, I was amazed such a small charger could be so powerful, with up to 500 watts and with a range upto 30 amps, this charger could charge at 2 and 3 c charging from a 12v battery source and can be ramped up to 30 dc input.

I like the charger so much I bought a second one, and use them both when I go flying coming off my auxiliary 12v battery. The sc-620 is one of the easiest smart chargers I have ever had all working from the wheel on the side of the are a few pictures I took to give an idea on the screen pages.

Amp charge capacity
Amp charge capacity

This screen shows the current page where you choose what current rating you want to charge at , this screen has a range upto 10 amps, you scroll up and down using the wheel on the right side of the charger, and when picked the current you require then push in the wheel and its done. Its that simple.

Cell screen
Cell screen

As the last screen you use the wheel on the right side to scroll up and down to choose the correct cell the battery pack that you decide to charge.

Battery type
Battery type

This page is all about the type of battery you want to charge, once again scroll to choose

charging screen

This screen shows one of my 4 cell 4200 battery packs from Onbo being charged, this battery is 4 years old and still charge to full capacity.

Sadly this ISDT smart charger is being phased out and are being replaced with 200 and 300 watt chargers, which I think is a back step, but they are also bring out a 600 watt double charger, still lower then the one I have been talking about, and I have not yet tried them out yet.

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