West Raynham

I arrived at West Raynham Airfield Early Saturday morning the weather was better than was broadcasted on tv last night, as soon as  pulled up where the rest of the group was parked up, Little Dave came over to me and invited me in for a nice cup of tea while the rest of the group were having breakfast.

The airfield is no longer used for full size, but is the home of the Fakenham Model Flying Club, and a big thanks for allowing us to camp and use this great site for the weekend.

Its not till you drive on to the Airfield you realizehow big it really is with a 3 mile runway with 3 very large hangers with the control tower standing proud in front of them.

This can be seen in the first pictures which I had to have my tigermoth in the shot, the group were down for a birthday flying weekend so there were plenty of cream cakes being passed a round. We had a cross wind moving a round quite a bit at between 15 to 20 mph which ruled out any gliding for the day with the cloud base also being quite low, so we gave the weather a little bit of time to calm down.

There was a couple of the club members turned up which was nice, so as the weather  wasn't right yet we all went back to the caravans for another cup of tea.

About 11am the winds slowed down a bit and the planes started to come out and get put to gether and then the flying started, which was good timing so we got a couple of flights before dinner.

Where My self and Ivan were invited in to Big Dave's caravan and had a very nice dinner cooked by Dave's wife Kate, thanks Kate. Then back to the flying, and the wind was slowly getting lighter and lighter for the rest of the afternoon. Pat whose Birthday it was is here starting his very large Greenly powered by a 100cc opposed engine, which is one of the Ghost Squadrons tugs

Here is a nice picture of he A10 just before take off


I would like to thank everyone how made it a great weekend and a big thanks to the      Fakenham Model Flying Club