Easter at Binham 2012

This is the first of the year visits to Binham which is the home of Andrew the owner of the site and the surrounding area,we got to Binham on Thursday afternoon. Easter Friday in the middle of Norfolk miles a way from towns and cities, the only sounds are the surrounding animal with the great sight of a pair of barn owls looking for food, with a good group of friends enjoying there flying throughout the day with plenty of banter, I just don't get any better than this.

This weekend is planed to use my 1/3 tiggy moth to tow my Ka8 1/4 scale glider, there are the two planes of the same colours

Flight line area is set up by the Ghost Squadrons campers and caravans
This latest glider from Darrens hanger had many flights this weekend

This is Andrew with his glider the Dolphin, Andrew only builds unusual style planes, there will be a page on Andrews planes to show some of the great planes he has built.

There was even time for Pat to give flying practice between tugging our gliders.


Now for the highlight of my weekend, seeing both of my models in the air at the same time, John at the helm with the tiggy moth and me flying the Ka8 with Tony from the Ghost Squadron taking the photos.