Toni Clark 1/3 Scale Tiger moth

Toni Clark

1/3 Scale Tiger moth

This Toni Clark 1/3 scale Tiger moth is the largest of my family of Tiger moths, and the best one to fly. Flying this great tiggy is as good as it will ever get, watching it in the air is just magic and with the Toni Clark engine set up of the 38 zenoha and the 2.81 reduction gear, well the sound is like nothing else you have ever heard. The 32x18 prop slowly cutting in to the air, and watching the prop turning just 500 rpm on landing is something. The tiggy is a package made in heaven. Wing span is 108 inch's and weighs 27lb The under carraige has suspension, and spares are available from Toni Clark as to are the Silent style props. Also fitted with a stainless steel dustbin that is fitted behind the firewall, this is a very quite plane a electric plane going up at the same time will muffle the tiggy, its that quite.

This tiggy is based on the full size, this can be seen at the bottom of this page, I did not build this one it was built by a friend in my Baldock club goes by the name Gary Cundell. He did a really good job building this tiggy and I take my hats of to him and now I'm chuffed to be the proud owner, and with some guidance by Les Eagles  a good flying buddy of mine who also owned this tiggy for about a year till I prised it from him.Les also helped me with the setting up and flying tips and guidance. As Les has got many years flying experiance flying scale and full size, he has taught me a lot about scale flying.


Seen here sitting proud at my club site at Baldock