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The weather had stated to get colder, winter was coming and I really needed to find something to occupy myself during this time of the year, I was in my local model shop in Letchworth at Redfin Models, and there seemed to be a buzz in the air when I got in there, Jason was about to start up a Kyosho 1/28 scale car racing night every other Monday night from 7pm till !0pm.
I started to talk to a few people in the shop and was amazed in the infusiasm there was so I started to try and understand whats it all about. And then Jason started to show me the 1/28 scale cars from Kyosho had brought out this year, they were amazing very detailed the finish was great and powered by 4 AAA batteries, that would last for about between 90 and 120 minutes, the cars are quite reasonably priced for what you get, which is the chassis a body shell and transmitter, all you have to add is 4 AAA batteries for the transmitter which will last for a very long time and four AAA batteries for the car and off you go.
One of our tracks


Second track


Body shells are also sold separately so you can change them over, there are many versions of chassis, which are RWD, FWD, AWD and EVO's which are totally mental, from the standard chassis there is an amazing list of changeable parts from tyres ,wheels  with an array of different offsets, which does take a bit of time to get your head around. parts to lengthen and shorten to the chassis to fit different body shells, with uprated springs, and metal parts to replace plastic parts carbon fibre upgraded parts, its really on a grand scale the amount of things you can do to these little scale Kyohso scale cars. plus motor upgrades, its just mind blowing.
I hope to open the world of Kyosho mini-z racing to other modellers and non modellers and show the fun that can be had in racing these little cars and to also bring to this part of my website another RC part of the hobby that  anybody can do with really no age limit and include world events that have been happening for years. Its like an underground movement with tracks going up in basements sheds and garages every where.
I will also try and explain as i grow into this hobby the reason for modifications and the pitfalls sometimes for doing them , I will also has always try and give people as many links to buy and get information from as I have always done.

Above is one of our Monday nights and two tracks can be seen, the top one is a carpet track and the nearest track is the RCP track made from neoprene tilesthat are linked together like a jigsaw, this can be seen along the edges if you look close.
The carpet track is made up with wooden edging which is not to forgiven on the cars if you hit them to hard, where the RCP track has rubber edging which is gentle on the cars.
All parts are ordered from our local Model shop Jason is now placing orders every week if not more as the popularity is getting greater week by week, you can by from many websites but the problem I have found with that is other websites show a very lerge sellection of Kyosho equipment but next to eack piece is OUT OF STOCK signs, I am seeing this more and more, and the other thing I have noticed is some shops say SHADOW STOCK, this is another word for we dont have it but will order it and this can tack upto 10 days which I also found out my self.
You can buy direct form Japan for most things but you will on most occasions be charged for import duty and handling charges which starts from £15 and upwards, I have also being caught on this as well, you can also buy from Ebay and other trading sites but you will pay throw the nose and pay more then what they cost in the local model shop, there are also cars that are no longer able to buy any more as Kyosho only seem to make short runs of a year or just over.
now to buy these ex stock cars can be sold for over 6 to 7 times there original cost
This must be the first for modelling that you can buy something and a years time it tripples in price or more. so keep this in mind when you remove the car from its case, you will get more for it but if you do get rid of the case you will still make more then what you paid for them.
The RCP track cost is about £1500 to buy there is I think 3 to 4 sets to build this track, there is two types of surfaces we at the moment run on the smooth side there is a grip rough side on the other side depend which suites the racers.