(The Ghost Squadron ) Binham Summer Week 2012


August has come a round again and John and the Ghost Squadron team and Andrew have put on another great week for a large group of fellow flyers, the weather was good and with plenty of full size jets training a round the area and when dark the Hercules can be seen flying under the radar training throughout the night and very low in deed.

The next group of pictures are of chris from Switzerland, Chris comes over every year to this event,and this is one of the planes Chris brought over a DG bendy wings which would be understood more if you saw this great glider in flight

I had a chance to take this picture of John's 1/2 scale Tiggy dash while the fuselage was in two pieces.

Now for something that made my week at Binham, it was on Bank holiday Monday,I have had a good couple of flights in the morning and had parked up, and in the  distance Henry's Tigermoth  can be seen coming towards us. And as the picture shows Henry parked up near my tiggy.

Now for a collection of pictures from the moment of the day. This is one of many De Havilland planes that Henry flys from his hanger.

20120827_105258 (FILEminimizer)

 Would like to thank John and the Ghost Squadron and Andrew for the invite to his wonderful field.