N.L.M.F.C Glider Meet

N.L.M.F.C  puts on many different meets throught the year and the first Sunday in August was a meet for gliders to come together for a days flying, a large mixture of gliders turned up from small power foam models to 1/2 scale gliders.

When we got there we were greeted with a well planned out field and a well cut strip which some bowling clubs would like to have, the club really did pull it out the bag.


As these pictures show the field came alive with gliders and plenty of tugs to pull them up, it was also nice to see some new faces from the glider circuit.

The skies had tugs and gliders from start till the end of the day, with banta and laughs all around which also included my Ka8b having its wings folded during being towed up, there will be some pictures of this once I have them but belive it or not the ka8b did come down safely.


The club put on a well stocked BBQ for all to enjoy


Here are two of the tugs from the Ghost Squadron both powered with 100cc DL engines


Close of day and a big thanks to the N.L.M.F.C for putting on this event