Alsema Sagitta 1/4 Scale Glider

Alsema Sagitta 1/4 Scale Glider

The Alsema Sagitta came out in the sixtys and was the first standerd class woodern glider  and the only glider to come from Holland only 20 were made, now there are only 6 of them  still flying and there are in America.The first flight  was in 1961 and was a high performance design


 The Sagitta is a 1/4 scale performance glider, with a wing span of 3.75mtrs and has a sliding canopy and a removable tail section with upper air brakes. This glider was scratch built and flys like a dream


The Sigitta was my first real experience of thermal soaring this took place at Belle-vue in Devon on the first day of our yearly flying holiday that takes place in June, this glider is traditinally a sports glider but was set up by John for thermal flight. First flight lasted 34 minutes, and from that minute onwards found a new love in modelling. This glider is alway with now because it allows me to get in to the air on those windy days

The cocpit with the pilot


This Sagitta was based on serial number 008 out of the 20 that was made, full registration is PH-310 which is now N6446 and was built in 1963 and sold to America in 1972-73.