The Beginning

My Story

It all started in the summer of 1999 I started of with the Trainer and built my first Plane from Kit called the Bandit.

Which was my first low winger and I still have it now, it's got a OS70 four stroke and based on a real plane.

Above is Latton Common this is the home of Harlow District Model Flying Club other wise known as H.D.M.F.C. There has been flying on this field since the mid 1950's, the flying first started of on the road at the bottom and gradually moved up the common towards the woods.

Above is my first spitfire that I bought at a Southend auction and the other one is Mick's PT19 a ready buildthat flys really well

It Happens to the Best of us

This was Graeme's Dara the engine got inbeded into the tree from a low level pass that went a bit wrong at full power

This is one way of keeping warm in the winter which became a ritual up at the common

This is Eddie who is chief instuctor in the club on the left and Richard with one of his bargins on the left. between them they have lost count how many new comers they have got in the air flying.

The Dont Know Wot was bought at the Watford bring and buy that happened every winter after Christmas, I never did find out what the plane was every called

Here's Graeme getting ready to take of Mick ready to follow

My first WOT 4 with built in flaps, I ended up building 6 of these for people and a second one for my self, and would say this plane is one of the best planes I every had to put together for ease to build and fly as a trainer to a full out sport plane.


Here are some photo's of the mad people that go out to fly on a cold early Sunday morning at 10am

This is my son Lee on his third flight on a bright summers saturday afternoon this flying area has srunk now to a small patch mainly for helicoptors now they have another flying site near Sawbridgworth just out side harlow.

"I would like to say thanks"

To Greame, Eddie and Richard for all there help they gave me in the first two years of my flying.

Because of them I now have great fun going around the country as a Show line display pilot with other friends flying large scale warbirds

" Thanks again "