Scale Gliders


Schleicher Ka8b

The Ka8b is a 1/4 scale German Vintage glider that was first built in 1957, this glider is one of many two seater gliders a round. There is also a single seater version too. Wing span of this glider is 3.75mtrs.



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The Sigatta ia a 1/4 scale areobatic or soarer glider, this glider is a single seater and sad to say I did not build this one.


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Grunau Baby 2

The Grunau baby was first designed in 1931 in Germany, this is a 1/3 scale of the German vintage glider single seater wing span is 4.40mtrs, weighs just under 8kg. The colour scheme and decals is of the full size from 1940's


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S.D.Z Jantar 1

1/4 scale Jantar 1 designed in 1972 from Poland,Wing span of 19.2 mtrs and is in scale colours, fitted with retract. 


Jantar 301 (FILEminimizer)

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20140330_103757 (FILEminimizer)

Slingsby Dart

1/3 scale Slingsby Dart with a wing span of 5.6mtrs,  The full size Dart first flew on 26 November 1963 This scale version is a copy of the one that use to fly at the hills near Wales 


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Simprop Prolution 4004 Electric version

Simprop Prolution powered with a 4mtr wing span

20140606_140211 (FILEminimizer)

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