Dave Horton

I have known Dave for well over 17 year and throught out them years has had some highs and low's like a lot of us have in our hobby and personal life, but with Kate his wife and true friends has stuck together and pulled through, and like in the Dave Horton tradition as come back even stronger and this shows in his latest models which I hope to show later in 2018. Dave has always has always been there if any help is required and during that time he has mad some very large and heavlly detailed aircraft, which I hope to show, in this first section.

The Dunn

The Dunn is Dave's latest build, this was a British Biplane but one got captured by germany and this model is based on it. This is half scale and almost bigger enough to sit in. The grey poles that can be seen at the rear end are the wing poles.  

The cocpit is shown here all varnished up, the engine is a westlake all polished with a stainless steel exhaust, the prop is hand made by Dave's good friend Little dave Pullinger who is a craftsman   as you can see Just waiting for the pilots to be finished, Test flights for this great machine will be in spring at Middle Wallop with the Ghost Squadron 



Both dave's standing proud after seing his creation coming together You have to say was the van bought for the plane or was the plane made for the van

Miss Daisy May

Daisy May is 15 years old and is now have a engine change to a Dutch hand made 120cc Radial engine called a Bear engine , these are Made to order and at £3.500 its a pieice of art and took 4 years to build.