RAF Chipmunk

RAF Chipmunk

 This Chipmunk is based on the one thats in Duxford Air Museum, the paints are the exact colours that was used on the full size one and thanks to the owner who gave me the imformation to get the exact match paints.

The plane was Scratch built from the Mike Smart plan, who also supplied the cowl.The engine is a Zenoha 38 and is fitted with the standard exhaust with two outlet pipes fitted to the exhaust box and turning a 19x10 menza prop supplied by Stewart Mackay.

The weight of the Chipmunk comes out as 24Ib dry.


Both dash's are home made and look quite realistic which are finished off with two pilots from Pete's Pilots, They look great in there leather flying jackets. The hardest part of the build was the canopy, as there was no ready made one to get hold of. This put my buildback by a good few months until one day I made a flat pack version and for two years this first canopy stayed until last year I ripped it of and had a second go at it, which  think is a much better version then the first one.