Ghost Squadron Belle Vue 2010

Ghost Squadron Belle Vue 2010

This was the first 8 day events I have every been to and was to be a anual event a long side the Binham  flyin event that happens in August. John and the Ghost Squadron started this event, the difference from any other event that there is a round, it took you away from the weekend normal events of going to a show on the friday pitching up putting the planes together, trying to get slots, flying when your time wad due for a 10 minute slot maybe twice in the the mornig and twice in the afternoon Sat and Sunday then drive home sunday night.

This was like nothing I have every seen before,you arrive on the Wednesday morning and was greated by smily faces of the Ghost Squadron and others that have come for the weeks event, This I come to realise was due to the layed back  no stress environment, which was very different from the show circuit that I was used to.

And what was amazing a high precentage of the 25 caravans that it was limited to were show pilots looking for the same thing, a nice stress free week of flying in a very beautiful area of the country.

Belle-Vue is one of the highest places in Devon and 20 minutes from the coast with plenty to go out and see while on the weeks holiday.

The farm that we fly on belongs to a very nice farmer and pre cuts the field for us, 

As you can see by the photo's a wide range of models are brought to this event, John has always made it known that this event isn't structured a round a certian type of models, and help is always on the flight line and in the pits area for any repairs or problems that may come about.

Don the Owner also had a full size hanger that full size aircraft stay in , we were allowed to use this hanger so we did not need to dismantle the planes every day, so this was a bonus for night time storage. I think it's a bit of a buzz seing models with the full size.


One of the biggest surprises of the week was John had got back in to gliders and as you can see there were a nice selection here, after spending some time over the week, I just have to give it ago and so did many others, so I was differently bring a glider with me next year.