Flair Tigermoth

Flair Tiger Moth

This is one of my latest additions a 91 inch Flair Tigermoth, this was my first Bi-plane I ever flew on the show circuit and flew it for many years
tiger moth 2

Pictures taken on her maiden flight at North Weald Airfield And she is a dream to fly. She's installed with Futaba pcm receiver heavy duty servo for the rudder, two servo's for the Elevator SM. services battery back up system with two 6volt batteries also from SM. services Covered in profilm with a all up weight of 23Ibs, the weight I think has aided this tiggy to fly in cross winds witout any effect.

 The engine is a Webra 120 long stroke throwing a 18x6 prop She very good in all weathers and has flown in many shows this year I would like to say " thanks "to Les Eagle who has given me some valuable help this year in setting her up, and steering me in the right direction to flying her scale like.

tiger moth 6

Tigermoth Maiden Flight

The weather was good and the wind was less then 3mph, Eugene had come over to give me a hand for the afternoon

Once the tiggy left the ground for the first time It begain for me a growing love for Tiger moths, with there graceful controls and elegance. For my first landing was great to see and so smooth.

tiger moth 13